Keyforge Aries Deck Box

Great games deserve fantastic accessories. That's the mission of Gamegenic, the new Asmodee accessories studio. Gamegenic will release its first line of game accessories: a series of licensed product to support Fantasy Flight Games’ KeyForge. The KeyForge Aries deckbox is an entry-level deck box specially designed for KeyForge. lt safely holds a full deck, even if the cards are double-sleeved. The self-locking flap closure can be opened up to 180 degrees for easy access to the deck. The distinctive shape keeps the box safely closed and allows a clear sight of the unique deck name when opening. This product is delivered with an exclusive Faction Sticker set to customize the box to match your KeyForge Deck.


  • Durable PP box with self-locking lid + write-on strip
  • Optimized for double-sleeved cards *
    Holds full KeyForge® Deck, even if the cards are double-sleeved
  • Easy deck removal
  • Cobra Neck-Technology
    Flap closure can be opened up to 180°
  • Comes with an exclusive Faction Sticker set for customization purposes
  • Unique deck name and houses visible at first sight without needing to open the box
  • Acid-free, no PVC

* Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility

SKU: 4251715400173