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When I first started getting invested in the board game hobby over 10 years ago, the biggest hurdle I came across was finding people to play with. I joined, as well as started, multiple board game groups to try and find more friends I could play board games with more regularly.

But while my social circles of board game friends and enthusiasts grew, it didn’t always mean I could always play the games I wanted, when I wanted. Enter solo board games.
International Women’s Day (IWD), and we’d like to honour and celebrate some of the female board game designers and artists that contribute to the games on our shelves. You might not have realised that some of your favourite games have some talented women behind them.
For over 50 years Gen Con has been running in North America and the timing and popularity of the event brings board game publishers from all across the world together and used as a launching pad to release their hot new games in time for Christmas.